Thursday, October 4, 2012

Just fun observations


As Big Daddy and I were meandering about the park Sunday I noted the preponderance of dog shit. Shocking as dogs are not allowed in the park area. I was stunned when BD informed me it was goose shit. Those geese are pretty prolific with that bodily function.

In what seems to be a trend it is reported that another juror from the Kwame Enterprise trial was let go.

In an even larger trend another Detroit Police Chief is suspended and will probably be let go. For sleeping with the help. Last guy slept with the help and got fired, even though they were both single. This time they are all married and he is only suspended for 30 days so far. This is the third Police Chief since Mayor Bing was elected in November of 2009.

On to the debate:

Sad, Jim Lehrer should have stayed retired and rested on his laurels.

Too easy of a target, Al Gore saying Obama probably had altitude sickness. Al needs to go back to inventing the Internet, Barack does not need his help.

Comment that struck me as odd, Obama saying his grandmother was a Vice President at a bank and only had Social Security and Medicare when she retired. At that time most everyone with a white collar job also had secondary insurance, but the most stunning was that a bank VP did not have savings and investments.

Tomorrow I am off to get my mani/pedi fix and find the final touches for my project. You will be amazed. If not amazed at least mildly impressed.


  1. I love the set of objects you have for labels:
    Al Gore
    Jim Lehrer
    Obama's grandmother

    Instead of the debates I found a few concerts to watch on Apple TV from iTunes. My wife had neVer seen but had already heard One Direction.

    I remember the day we discovered geese that mysteriously couldn't fly between Upper and Lower Valley Road. I remember getting in trouble from the farmer who complained. Then decades later I discovered that the name Lower Valley Road disappeared. I also discovered yesterday that my father's friend died a couple years ago at age 97 during a phone call with my mother. My mother asked me how I found the info so fast, one moment I was wondering about someone I had spent a couple hours with 5 years and 5 months ago, and the next moment I had the obit info. "Google? I just typed in his name and city, 3 words." I reaLLy need to get back to South Dakota some time soon. But I think I'll visit my mom first in Oklahoma.

    1. I was in Oklahoma once, it is very brown. Various shades of brown, but brown. Even the water was brown.

      Your mom will like that.