Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Am so, Are too, Nah na na nah na

I am reading so many opinions on why Democrats and Republicans are idiots and assholes. As I belong to neither party it does not personally hurt my feelings. I do wonder though why people who seem to be rational and purport themselves to be ladies and gentlemen can publish opinions that are hateful and hurtful. And then act like they are the better person for pointing out that the other person is a bigger asshole than they are. 

People, anyone going down this road of "I am better than you" because I wear a certain color coat needs to take a deep breath and make sure that generalizations based on "groups" is where you want to plant your flag. 

Lets just do a couple generalizations:

Works under the table, never gives to charity, spends no money on personal medical/dental maintenance, loves Walmart. 

Signs up for government benefits immediately, volunteers often, has great teeth, loves Costco.

Does not claim tips and cash payments on taxes, eats and feeds their kids fast food, thinks Outback is fine dining, loves-loves-loves JC Penney. 

Is pretty sure the guy who killed JFK lives next door to him. 

Is not a racist, sexist, homophobe, asshole or in a cult because he is friends with all these people. 

Substitute he for she where it is appropriate unless you then have to question if it is suspect. 

Oh I forgot some:

Belongs to the union, heroin addict, losing house, car and family. 

Regular person, goes to work, pays their bills, wishes they could do something special this year. 

So I think everyone should vote and let me know which group is which. And of course which group you belong to and support. And I would also like to know if you think all the people who think a little differently than you do should be drawn and quartered, because you are the smartest tool in the drawer. 

Oh, and I personally know all of these asshats including the JKF guy. 

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