Friday, October 5, 2012

More crap I don't understand

It is okay to make huge soda purchases illegal. Why? Because it is bad for you and makes you fat.

It is okay to dictate school lunch contents and calories and raise the prices. Why because children are too fat and we said so on the money.

It is okay to charge people for 2 airline seats because they are too big to fit in the little ass seats.

But it is not okay to point out to fat people working in television that they are fat. WTF. This is according to the fat person on the air in Lacrosse, Wisconsin. And I must say if you want to work in television you need to have thick skin. We ran one bitch out of Detroit for crappy makeup.

It is now okay to refuse to even hire people in Michigan who smoke. At specific hospitals here employees who smell of smoke during their shift will be called out and disciplined or fired. One facility in particular is putting the onus on employees to turn in the scofflaws as they tsk tsk them. We will address the cancelling of surgeries at a later time along with reprimanding janitors and not reprimanding surgeons.

It is okay to say that smokers stink.

When smokers quit smoking they mostly get fat. But you are a bully if you call a fat person fat although you can dictate what they can purchase.

Now keep in mind it is LEGAL to be fat and/or stinky.

If smokers can be marginalized and made unemployable then fat people gotta be next. Next group to be picked on is gonna be the uglies.


  1. I put alot of effort into being non-stinky, as it is the easiest thing for me to overcome in the USF trio. I am making a stronger concerted effort at reducing the Fat but as for the Ugly factor, I am a lost cause having my scars for most of my life, and now my hair is thinning. At least I can smile and hopefuLLy make those around me smile from time to time. The beatings wiLL continue until morale improves. Changing the subject slightly, I found something terribly funny in the book K-PAX that wasn't in the movie. It concerned prot knowing the name of some frog-like creature X on the planet K-PAX because prot considered him a friend. The psychiatrist asked if he had a name for all the Xs on K-PAX, to which prot replied, only the ones I know.

    1. So if anyone ever asks me, I only know the name of one praying mantis, Polly.

  2. These days you just gotta marginalize SOMEONE!

  3. With our beauty/youth-centered -- scratch that, beauty/youth-ONLY -- culture? It's inevitable!