Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Who do you trust

The old gas station in Grosse Pointe Park that is under renovation, it will be a restaurant with a wood burning oven. The exterior is gorgeous. You can see the fabric fence blowing in the Sandy wind.

Big Daddy and I drove down to the lake to take pictures of the huge and monstrous wave action. It is less than half a mile but the wind gusts and rain did not make for a nice walk. Well, I have seen choppier lake water on a bad day in any weather. Not a biggy. We drove around and took a few pictures but nothing really stood out.

The wind was horrendous all night, hard to sleep as it was so noisy. It appears the storm outer bands parked over Michigan and made themselves at home. It is noisy but there were no limbs down or stuff blowing about. The worst is my Sammy dog got blown over trying to pee pee. I need safety goggles for him  to sit outside and watch the wind go by.


  1. That could accurately be described as a 'dog gone wind'. Poor puppy, getting roughed up by the weather. Cooper is glad that Tamie is home. She was at the 'vet' for an operation, and I told Cooper that she had to stay at the 'kennel'. She is recovering nicely, I think. He enjoyed getting to hear her on the speaker of the iPhone while she was gone. I forgot to teLL her that it was a good thing she finaLLy came home, the dirty dishes were starting to pile up in the kitchen (hahahaha - not true).

  2. Ouch - I just heard there is a roadway sniper in your part of the world, hope you are okay!

  3. Yes, thanks for the thought. The sniper is across town and that is a bad road, 4 across and exits are few and far between. I used to use that road when I went to Wixom Assembly, lots of forest to hide in but they think he is in a car.