Thursday, November 29, 2012

It was bound to happen

We had a relief mail person yesterday. Ilena. I know this because we had a long conversation. This was because she was afraid of the Sammy dog. He has this habit of running and chasing as if he is the kin of junkyard dogs. I think he pretends his former owner was bad, bad Leroy Brown. He barks as if his life depends on taking over the block.

This is only when he is outside and someone approaches the property or the black dog and old lady are wandering about. When the cop banged on the door and woke me up he never raised his head or moved. When he asks out it is the softest bark ever.

I told her he was fine, he only has 4 or 5 teeth. He wants you to rub his belly. She was not buying this and stayed far away from the beast. Then the little asshole growled at her. For all that is holy this dog is no threat. Why he would growl at her I don't know he and Oscar get along great. Oscar is the regular mail man, I know this because Ilena told me his name.

She also told me I should be very careful letting Sammy out because of the huge hawk population in the Pointes. I mean really if someone is going to see hawks eating and grabbing up small animals and flying off with them, who better than the mail person who walks the routes everyday? Was she being kind or getting back at The Terror?

I remember watching that eagle tear up that squirrel in the front yard, it was not pretty. And that bird was huge in comparison to the hawks I see around here. I wonder what the ratio of bird to prey weight factor is. I am not a math person but there has to be a general spec on this.


  1. esb will know the precise figure but I reckon that Sammy is safe except from Pterodactyls.