Monday, January 19, 2009

Back to work rant

Whew, don't know if I can survive this frenzy. Got up and dressed and make-up applied, damn I even blew out my hair beautifully. I mean this hair is great.

Got on the phone, land line only as advised, to call Marvin. The great Marvin, who spoken about with the same reverence as the Wizard of Oz. Well, never spoke to ole Marvin as the "circuits are busy, please try again" mantra filled my ear for the hour I was allowed to call Marvin. Fie on Marvin and the state of Michigan. Thanks Jenny for the great service.

After taking care of business (not allowed during Marvin call, all efforts to Marvin only) I started up the company email only to find that HR decided I was off today, either vacation or you just don't get paid---you pick---and call me tomorrow when you return to work to let me know what you decided. WTF.

So....then I called the admin to say, "You know I'm on vacation right" (no clue as HR did not tell the department) and after the holiday bullshit was over I asked the SEMINAL question (highly creative or unique) "You gotta an idea what the plans are for my new company cell phone that I will be needing tomorrow morning at 6AM?" Well guess what, after 3 and 1/2 months of discussing and planning this new corporate policy and canceling my service as corporate will no longer pay for expensed phones, I get to go to work tomorrow with no phone. Please understand, I am a guest in assembly plants. I do not have a desk, or a desk phone, or a computer (Blackberry died last month) nor do I house homing pigeons. In other words, when I leave my house there is absolutely no way to reach me. Just how is the customer supposed to get my attention tomorrow? And God forbid my boss or my own company wants to impart some wisdom or ask me to find out why they are being charged for an air expedite. Don't even talk to me about "We were written up for bad parts", well yea that happens every day and if my pigeon and I would get the coop set up on the roof of my car maybe we could help you. And I will bet you any money that whoever is charge of this project gets promoted.

Oh yes, the best is yet to come, this afternoon on my vacation, I have a 1:30 conference call to discuss everything I am supposed to tell the customer tomorrow. Livin the dream in autoville.

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