Tuesday, January 13, 2009


I am now officially going crazy from boredom. There is nothing to do, no money to spend, it is way too cold to even think about going outside just to do something that would involve spending money like starting the car to slide around on icy streets.

I did speak to someone from Plant Loco yesterday and the pre-lim people did come back to work this week. Still everyone wonders if the plant really will come back up next week. Solid reasons not to run, Monday is MKL day-a paid UAW holiday, and Tuesday the inauguration. Lots of people talking about going to DC and the rest will want to watch on TV. So with 2 production days lost why pay holiday pay and part-timers? Cuz it is the Loco way.

Read NOLA.com today, comments on Bush speech regarding Katrina. Don't want to bad-mouth people but really the same people who think the auto industry should go down the tubes are still bitching about not getting more government help how many years later? What makes living in a hurricane target zone make people more deserving than working in an industry where our own congress sold us out for a few pieces of silver. New Orleans was not outsourced, not allowed to sell Daiquiris freely overseas, not forced to compete with Asian krewes on building floats in third world countries for pennies. Mistakes are made every day and grownups try to fix things instead of just whining and complaining about how they need more help. Try living in Detroit, you think you are the only city with a pothole problem. And at least our prosecutor put our Mayor in jail.

Now I need to remember something funny to force my Psyche out of the angry mode. Still thinking. Okay, years ago I got into my sister-in-laws new Lincoln and saw a sticky note on the front of the IP. I'm thinking WTF is a danger and why are we in the car. Is a gauge broken, a wire shorting out, brakes defective? Asked SIL, "er what is the danger sticky note for?" She told me in all seriousness, "So I remember driving a car is a very dangerous thing." Well that made me feel sooo much better.

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