Thursday, January 8, 2009

Unemployment Success

Big Daddy got me up at 3AM as promised to fill out the forms the state requires for unemployment compensation. Every time I type the word unemployment it seems stranger and stranger. Seems like a silly word for being told to stay home a few weeks. I can see it they said Hit the road Jack-just don't come back no mo. Anyway site didn't crash, they are sending me a goody basket and debit card, and I have appointment to call Marvin. Marvin is famous around the assembly plants. Most special memory is when someone walks up to you (while you are on the phone outside doing business-exactly where you are supposed to be) and they sit down on a caution railing and say excuse me you must leave this work area I HAVE TO CALL MARVIN. Alrighty.

Marvin apparently also tries to trick you. Can't tell you how many times I have heard if Marvin doesn't say goodbye you are fucked. Oh yea, cracked me up today the paper said unemployment department is hiring people due to all the unemployment. Always a silver lining. Also there are certain circumstances when you have to post a resume in the TALENT POOL. Don't you think if we were all that talented we wouldn't be unemployed. And why not everyone? Let the HR people cherry-pick all the talent. Think of the delight in finding someone who can spell, or better yet, the confirmation that the people you hire are okay cuz no one can spell. Fairness in unemployment.

Only funny today came from the paper, an article on how smart Ford was to get TATA Motors to buy Jag and Land Rover. Every time I hear TATA I remember the line from the movie An Officer And A Gentleman, where the guy says "did you see those TATAs". Does that mean TATA got a booby prize from Ford?

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