Friday, January 9, 2009

Friday Funk

"This is bad" to quote Miss Donna. Now we are both home together with no job today. I of course in day 5 of lay-off, Big Daddy on first day of we only work 4 days a week now. Ya know we got a lot of together time since December 19 and this is not a good think for 2 people used to working a lot of hours. Bad habits are forming. Getting up late, Internet addiction, trying to beat stupid computer games and the worst of all documenting bathroom habits. Mine, his and Grr dog's. This has gotta stop.

Things learned:

Sunrise is still just before 8AM
The longer the blog comments the stupider the replies. Consistently.
Computer games are stupid and not that different from each other.
Bathroom habits are an anomaly: Random House 1. A deviation from the common rule, type or form. 2. Someone or something abnormal,incongruous or inconsistent.

Think about bathroom habits. I was taught the common rule, Number 1, was that we pretended this habit did not exist. We did not discuss this, that room was for hand washing only. The can of Glade was there only to provide sales to the maker of the Glade product. But is not it abnormal, Number 2, that we build rooms that we know we are going to use to rid ourselves of all the food we eat in our homes. We also have these rooms in almost every form of public building. Poop rooms. Sometimes also used for peepee. P and P rooms. We don't call them that. We call them bathrooms (ok if all you do is bathe and another subject entirely) restrooms (who can rest with all the pooping and peeing going on) and Ladies rooms. Which asks the questions what do Ladies do in Ladies rooms and why are there no Gentlemens rooms. Then as I am bi-lingual we also have washrooms, loos and banyos. Now I understand the washing-see above-but looing? And at least my Mexican amigos look at the floor when asked for a banyo. They seem to know this is the peepee and poop area.

On to the Grr Dog, we take him outside to peepee and poop (tho usually with a dog we call it poopie), we watch and we let others watch. We discuss it, "Did you see that poopie, it is loose, how do we bag loose poopie? Then we put the poopie in a plastic baggie, preferably ziplock, to save it for future generations in land fills.

Did you notice Random House Dictionary has Number 1 and Number 2? WTF

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  1. I have done some research on the "Loo" question and the only explanation I have gotten from a Canuck is "I am going there in Loo of shitting myself!"

    Big Daddy