Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sunday Newspapers

This is GrrDog and Big Daddy reading the Sunday papers. Doesn't he look sweet. He just got a bath and a blow dry. I had a great blog write-up that somehow disappeared when trying to attach the pictures. Lost the writing and maybe learned how to post pictures.

This next picture is Big Daddy's helpful hint at posting the picture of Grrdog. This is actually Turtle Soup from the Rib Room at the Omni Royal Orleans in New Orleans. I could post more if anyone is interested. The duck livers at NOLA are fabulous.
The automotive connection, the book on the table "Victorine" by Frances Parkinson Keyes tells of the recession in the rice production in Louisiana and how the formerly well off were forced to drive older cars and could not afford to replace them. However there were many purchases of gold slippers in what I would consider a back woods town. Fancy cars, fancy shoes, blind-pigs, jealousy, and stalking. In the 1920's. WTF

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