Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Safety Issues

Guess what? It us against union rules to pull up a small tote (think plastic milk crate) and check installation issues on the line, actually between 2 tight lines. Oh well, wonder if this engineer is going to get time off. You just do not check someones work within 5 feet of their job standing on a crate. WTF, are these people just nuts. Why not put up a sign-I don't do not think this dude is performing his job? Standing on a blue crate?

18 degrees F here, dog shit is frozen to the porch, Grrdog is bitchy, Ex-mayor wants to seek jobs out of state-no, really, and California and the senate wants to make their own rules for car emissions. Why don't they just make it illegal to buy certain cars? Do we care what they drive in California? Do we think Julia Roberts and George Clooney are in the same buying public that we belong to? Or are all the illegals driving used Prius vehicles? How many heads of lettuce can you fit in a Prius? WTF

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