Monday, January 5, 2009

Oh this is fun. My first post and I have not a clue what I am doing. Not much to say about automotive as there is very little automotive business today. Heard Channel 7 news was at Visteon today asking how workers felt about the pay cuts. One would assume a pay cut is better than no job at all. Traffic was light in the Motor City, well what do you expect when most of the people are layed-off and can sleep in. New information to me-you cannot call MARVIN until your third week of lay-off so no reason to get up and call in for your check.

Thinking back on the job and people I will never see again. Plant loco will never be the same, reorg coming if they ever run again. Talent is gone and the people left will be trying to learn new jobs and a new structure on the fly while the line is running. I sure hope someone has a damn good plan. And I pray the arrogant assholes think that maybe they are part of the problem and change their ways before we are all out of job. I am talking about middle management, I am pretty sure the guys at the top know this or do not care either way.

Personal plan is to spend no money in January unless I absolutely have to. Of course I had to get my hair done Saturday. This is in case I get a call for a job while I am laid off, which of course one has to accept if one is honest about having no work. Now I have to justify getting a pedicure next Saturday as in January (or in any job interview not involving pole dancing) one rarely shows ones toes. This will go under mental health improvement and de-stressing as I have been very stressed for last couple of months.

Every day I want to post something funny, funny to me anyway, today one phrase keeps running thru my mind " 6 year old will fuck you up for a Ho-Ho". Comment was made while discussing how the constant changing of start and stop times at Plant loco kept parents from making arrangements for child care and after work activities. Parents cannot know if dinner, doctor appointments, softball or even day-care can be planned in advance on a daily basis. So if Johnny gets picked up early, about the time snacks are ready-watch out. Of course the guy saying this was not the sharpest but he did get the point of the problem, when people are working at the whim of others who do not express any care for the plight of the workers these slights are taken seriously. And next is the expressed position that this is why the UAW is a necessity-which by the way did nothing to help in this situation. WTF

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