Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sunday Snippets

Nothing new here in the rust belt, so I will comment on a few items I heard and read about.

Germany: Metal earring can freeze your flesh off. So when did this become news to anyone in the midwest? Is this the first time Germany got cold or did they just start wearing earrings? Necklaces also get very cold if you don't wear a scarf.

Mitch Albom in the SI article "code word" SMUG. Now Mitch and I don't agree on much but I loved the word smug. All of the people that needed all of the help that took all of the handouts. . . and defended their need and defended their tax incentives and defended their choice to live in places where shit happens very often. Fie on you.

Ina Garten, The Barefoot Contessa, "try to pick a ripe tomato" WTF and show me your toes.

The Charmin toilet tissue ad, at least I hope it is toilet tissue, currently running on television. Pieces left behind. Can we explore this? Since when, who knew, and when was the last time this came up in conversation? The only time I saw toilet paper left behind it was not "a piece" it was about a foot and a half hanging out the back of a guys pants. When we (yes there were witnesses)spotted the offending trail of paper we asked "Dude wasup with the shit hanging on your ass." He picked it off and threw it on the ground. We are not talking sanitation here we are talking pieces, this was a hunk. Or a chunk. Get it right Charmin. I for one have never had a piece of toilet paper stuck up my ass.

I want to end with Rex Parker. He watches QVC. I love QVC. Got some nice stuff from there at a very good price. Dennis Basso to name one and I always get both compliments and guffaws. Compliments on the stuff and guffaws that anyone would watch QVC. Watching TV shopping is hilarious. The best is Pamela McCoy on ShopNBC, but I will tell you I have purchased a few things from her line and they are great. Big Daddy's favorite is the latino channel where 9 out of 10 times they are selling underwear for women. If not underwear it is computers. They email in their underwear. Gotta love it.

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