Saturday, January 10, 2009

Snow Fun and Games

First the bad news, I did not, could not finish the NYT crossword puzzle today. Really did not even get a start. I finished the last 5 without help and I thought I was on a roll. HA

As promised I had a pedicure mental health day, had to slog thru the snow in unprotected flip-flops as I couldn't find my new pedi-socks. Grr dog unhappy as an inch or two of snow comes up to his elbows. Big Daddy is happy as he HAS A MANLY JOB, brushing snow off the vehicles.

We got a present today. Mr. RV (my mom's beau) sent us a "poticia". I don't know how to spell that but it is a pastry made with dough rolled very thin and filled with nuts and filling and rolled into a log. I remember as a child my grandmother and great aunts gathering to make this delight, they spent all day cooking and the fabulous treat probably reflected their affection in getting together and cooking and talking. Shared food is a wonderful thing. Thank you Mr. RV.

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