Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Lay Off day 2

Alrighty, it only took me 30 minutes to figure out how to post the second post. Kinda redundant but at this point I am grateful for something to do even overusing the word post.

Spent the morning reading Internet news-and posts (my new favorite word) about Jerry Mosingo and the meltdown at Cadence Innovations along with the ongoing circus of the David Stockman trial. Feel sorry for Jerry but gee whiz those people put out some crappy parts for years. Obviously could not get a handle on the quality and made very little effort I saw to really understand the problem. I watched this dog and pony show every day for months and did not see any Cadence upper management people on the floor of the assembly plant verifying the mess they kept shipping into the customer.

And why all the talk about the GM lawsuit to get their tools back, everyone in town knew these tools were being pulled including all the other tools they have for other programs. Every company that allegedly bought the business and tried to ship shit did, was, and will go under.

OK now for the funny of the day, read California wants to tax big screen TV's as they are energy hogs, we are going to digital TV, we all need a converter box (my mother has not been able to set her thermostat in 20 years) or a new TV-putting the old TV in a land fill-and most new TV's are BIG. WTF

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