Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Big Daddy's at it again.

Forgot to post the funniest thing I heard this week. Big Daddy once again was in deep shit with the US Customs officials.

Big Daddy frequently goes to Canada for business meetings. Big Daddy frequently pisses off US and sometimes Canadian Customs officials. The frequency of the infractions is always a mystery as Big Daddy has never tried to do anything wrong, he is just a victim of "I'm just a regular guy trying to do my job in a crazy society" syndrome.

As you may recall, Mr. RV sent us a "poticia" as he knows we like this pastry treat. Well as Big Daddy and I are trying to lose/maintain/not get any fatter/and keep our figures we only allow ourselves a certain amount of highly caloric foods. Normal conversation involves who is to take the remainder of anything into to work. We all know I am laid off so Big Daddy was in charge of taking the remaining tasty morsels to work so that we (the broke people) won't be forced to spend money on new clothes.

Anyway, Big Daddy, at the border answers the questions and is asked to LOWER YOUR REAR WINDOW. This means put the rear passenger glass down so that the Customs official can see what you are smuggling into either country. Well Mr. Customs spotted a foiled wrapped brick item on the second row seat. Horrors. He asked Big Daddy to step out of the vehicle. Then he and Big Daddy-right in line at the Customs booth-discussed desserts. After the Customs official corrected Big Daddy's pronunciation of the dessert he unwrapped the foil covered brick and said it smelled delicious. WTF. Bet the Customs official who made Big Daddy take his socks off one time did not have the same aromatic delight.

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