Friday, January 23, 2009


Really just whipped or whupped or rode hard and put away wet. This has been a dreadful week. Working and worrying about Marvin. When I got back to Plant Loco and told them of my Marvin troubles everyone had advice. However the best advice came from my faux union steward who asked if I got my debit card. Of course not, I thought this came after I talked to Marvin. HUGE PROBLEM. Then I spent the next day and a half calling the state unemployment people, finally got someone late Wednesday that told me I was DENIED. How could that be? I have worked for like forever!!! Company filed the papers wrong (which they deny) anyway it got fixed but this took a lot of time and energy for the week.

Next the reorg at the three headed doggie company gave me Gregory as my new customer contact, he hates women, he hates suppliers, he hates his boss and he hates himself. Oh joy. Then I have an ISSUE. The worm then does everything in his power to do nothing and blame me (me being my company). This is one of those guys you would throw your lit cigarette on if he was on fire. Guess what, the worm who could not root cause the damn problem is now laying low. Fie on you worm.

Funny of the day, the plant did not run for about 3 1/2 hours because a chain broke. Normally you would replace the chain and good to go but when you don't pay your chain people, well fuck, they won't give you no more chain. Life is a bitch.

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