Saturday, January 17, 2009

I am trying to contain myself

I go back to work Monday and to Plant Loco on Tuesday-Martin Luther King day is UAW holiday. Still don't have a work cell phone, last paycheck is wrong, gossip is that I get the wacko for my engineer, and I haven't started my car this month. I love this industry. This is why I make the big bucks, figure it out on the fly and don't fuck up. Thank you God I am good at what I do.

Punkin Head said he read my blog and would sign on as a follower, no evidence of this yet but Punkin Head is busy. He is supplying bread, eggs, and milk to all of Brooklyn for the upcoming deep freeze. Maybe also some wine and cheese which reminds me no hints on new foods from Punkin Head.

Big Daddy had a huge manly day on Friday, fixed the mail slot and the ice maker with only 2 trips to the hardware store. This is a record.

Funny of the day, well reading other blogs-Waiter Rant and Well Done Fillet I remembered some incidents from the past about New Orleans. Great story on Waiter Rant about conversations with our elders I remember the wonderful conversations I had with Miss Verita, Verita Thompson, aka Humphrey Bogart's mistress. Hilarious insights into daily interaction and wonderful memories of Hollywood where shared and appreciated by all. Her best response was when I asked her "Miss Verita, how was Humphrey Bogart?" Her response "Not too shabby." Who still uses the word shabby. Sadly Miss Verita passed and now I need another funny.

Read a story today on the Drudge Report about D.C. having prostitute free zones for the inaugeration. Now how exactly do you have prostitute free zones? Surely they don't mean the prositutes are working for free? Or are they just trying to point the David Vitter type Senators in the right direction? Reminds me of a visit to my favorite place where we went to a very upscale cigar bar on a Wednesday evening. The bar was attached to a famous restaurant and they had just published a cookbook. Now Big Daddy and I collect restaurant cookbooks, so Big Daddy was in heaven with the sample cookbook to read and I had a wine and a cigarette in the beautiful bar so I was reasonably happy. Big Daddy's reading and I am observing. I note the two beautiful women in very expensive clothing and accessories hanging on the every word of two elderly gentlemen. Beautiful women in their 30's, elderly gentlemen discussing WWI and WWII. Get the picture. These women are swooning with interest. I mean swooning. So I look around, and I swear this looked like an upscale version of the movie Pretty Baby. I told Big Daddy, "Dearest, I am the only woman in this place that is not a hooker." He, still reading the cookbook, says something along the lines of yea, right . . . they have a different shrimp remoulade recipe than I use. I continue to peruse the crowd and continue making hooker comments, like "asshole, I am serious this is a hooker haven and they think I am the loser hooker in the joint." Big Daddy finally finishes the cookbook looks around and says "Geez, you're right all these women are hookers. Want another wine?" WTF

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