Monday, May 9, 2011

Dirty Dancing

Remember that last scene in the movie where Patrick Swayze is bending Baby like she is a limp twig, back and forth. Quite violently. That is what my ayi was doing to the filthy mop today. It was oddly amusing. Things were bouncing about and making noise and she just kept mopping. With her filthy mop. At one point she handed me a screw. I have a thought that the screw fell out of the Ikea chair, this is the Ikea chair every ex-pat owns. The chair is pretty ugly so if it falls apart I will be okay with that. Except Big Daddy will have to sit on the floor to read his books and he may bitch.

As promised the new Internet Police are working hard at making sure no one can access the crossword puzzles. Internet off today twice and I am sick about this. How will I know what Rex Parker thinks about the puzzle. Half the fun of doing the puzzle is getting everyone's take on the content and construction.

So after I finish cleaning the apartment I guess I need to think about a new chair. Well, what I really need to think about is some pieces I feel I need to make this place better. I want some plates or trays for the "coffee table" and I still need to get that poster framed. How many people haul a poster half way around the world and leave it in a canister in a drawer?

Big Daddy is downloading the pictures Punkin Head sent for Mothers's Day and I need to download the buffalo roaming, oh yes and take a picture of the tiger.

On a lighter note, my mother who has not contacted me in over a year, hid her marriage like it was a joining of the Clampetts to the house of Charlie Sheen and who cannot email as she has no Internet access sent me a fucking chain-mail that if I resend it to 5 people  I can  find out if I am an awesome mother. Gotta love it.

Off to look for more screws and to sanitize the floors.


  1. What I like about starting to follow someone after they have been blogging for about 1,000 years is that you have no clue who people like Punkin Head are but you just know that after a while you will be able to get the drift - if you pay attention.

  2. Of course you just gotta assume that Mother is Mother otherwise you are fucked for starters.