Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sunday Snippets

I have no computer so I am borrowing Big Daddy's for a quick post. Took my laptop in Saturday morning and it may be fixed by Tuesday, or not.

Met a white lady in the elevator on Friday when we returned, she was quite flustered about the Internet and the phone and the TV, she has been here 3 months and I have never seen her before. Hope I run into her again, she could be interesting.

They had a wedding, or I guess I should say weeding, down in the grassy area this afternoon. It was weird as hell from 28 floors up, and there were no firecrackers so I am not sure they are really wed.

Big Daddy went to the wet market alone as I was too lazy to get dressed and I guess it was a calamity. The vendors were making their exodus into the street and shouting while pushing their carts and stopped traffic on the street. Seems they raised the rents. So no more veggies for us. Or more expensive ones when the new vendors move in.

Big Daddy also got in trouble trying to take a picture of little kid with the butt crack pants squatting on the sidewalk to take a shit. Guess it is ok to shit on the sidewalk, just not to take pictures of it. I wonder if you have to clean up after them like the dogs.

Hope the computer is fixed by Tuesday or I will have to go back to Podunk with nothing to do. I am still tempted to get some of those weird boots called wellies and traipse the buffalo land just to see up close how they live. Unsure if I would be captured and if there are snakes. Both of those are a deal-breaker

Having pesto pasta and some kind of chops for dinner.

No pictures until I get the laptop back. Dragon did make it back in one piece, just kinda listing to starboard.

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