Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I am started to become fedded up

This is one of my favorite French phrases. It was taught to me by my boss. My French counterparts sent him an email expressing that thought about me. Moi, I said. Of course I let him know I was so far beyond fedded up that hanging those Frenchies from their toes at Ford would not even begin to help me feel better, but anyway, I am feeling fedded up again.

China is fucking with the Internet again in some vain attempt to make sure that no one can order dinner from the local market. We are talking about millions of people who cannot make a decision under any circumstances now being deprived of what?  It is not like they can even figure out how to buy train tickets. They cannot. Repeated requests to both experts and regular travelers will be get a response of  "no, you cannot do that".  It is not possible to buy first class, it is not possible to pick a train, it is not possible to pick your seat. These are the people that are going to overtake the world, the same people who cannot bring you a glass of ice water in a "Western" hotel. Do not even get me started again on the the no meat beef hamburger.

That leaves me with CNN International. And Anderson, Piers and Obama. To borrow a phrase from that wacko bitch in Oklahoma, Help Me Rhonda. Yes, I have been reduced to so few entertainment resources I have read The Pioneer Woman Blog.  And the Anti-blog. That is why I drink. These people are fucked up.

Why is Anderson on global television in a purple wig when he was only a lad? Why is Piers interviewing Chelsea Handler with a martini she refuses to drink? Why is Obama fund-raising in Texas not far from the devastating fires while not mentioning the destruction? After he, Obama, flew over the over flowing banks of the Mississippi while not even looking out the window of Air Force One. I liked Harrison Ford on Air Force One better. I wish I had a copy of that movie here in the boondocks of hell.

And I hate to keep going back to Anderson but when did he get so fucking weird. He was showing another asshole, I can't recall his name, and he was putting Anderson's picture on a chart with peanut butter. I am serious, the peanut butter was the attachment feature.

So now I am wondering how long I can stay in this hell hole without losing my mind. I can do about 3 days without the NYT crossword and then I get nasty.


  1. I am surprised there is anyone there at all I thought most of them were bothering the shit out of me at Camp Festering. If Piers has gotten to Chelsea Handler he must be getting close to the Osmonds - you have GOT to get another channel. You must surely have some more dimes left to buy some first release movies - although they are not going to charge you that much for Adam Sandler shit are they? Or the next Focker one? What will that be? I've got a lovely bunch of Fockers. A Focker too far. The night of the Fockers. Fock Off. FockerWorld.

  2. My fockers were fucked up. Could only run in French. And you know how I felt about that.