Saturday, May 7, 2011

Just a silly thought

There are millions, and I am not making this up, millions of people here who need jobs.

Now there are just so many twig brooms that can be made. Especially after all the branches of the trees are pruned off and there is no more new growth.

How to employ the masses? Hmm.

Now just for shits and giggles lets pretend you build a new train station. Say you build this train station in the boondocks with lots and lots of vacant and useless land stretching for miles and miles. Also, I think we should put a 3 mile entry road good for at least 6 lanes of traffic, with 4 sharp angled turns leading up to this palace of travel. Also since your cousin owns the cement factory there should be a couple nice roads that lead to nowhere.

This train station needs to build high up on the ground with steep stairs. It needs to be very compact as at some time in future, the distant future, you may need to expand, until then you can graze some lucky buffalo for your second cousins.

You will not need a large parking lot for the train station as very few people actually own automobiles and those that do have no fucking clue how to drive and park them. And truth be told Chinese people only need 2 spaces; one to stand in and one to aspire to. These seem to merge into one communal mosh pit of humanity called "our spot".

Now can we discuss the cost saves which in any other country would either get you a plaque at a very bad breakfast or a lawsuit from OSHA, depending of course on who you knew.

No steps are needed to reach the platform, real men can lift there cardboard boxes and Hello Kitty bags over the mud embankment and up the 2 feet to get on the slippery slope to the entrance. You should build the escalators up the (5 flights of stairs) top of the platform (Uncle needs the money you need the guanji), but do not turn that on. It is not green.

Okay, so we have performed a public service by building transportation using the  huge bit of space and performed our civic duty in not using electricity to move the masses of squished people up 5 flights of granite stairs in the rain through a blocked off entry at the top and I ask you this, where are the employees?

Just a thought, instead of the 6 idiots staring at the automatic doors that do not work, and the 8 idiots that do not know how to work the security belt and work the wand, and the 5 guys staring at the clean road with the twig brooms, How About Porters? You know, people that drag your bags all over the travesty you call a train station and get you water and make you happy.

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