Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I am sick again

I am one of those people who rarely get sick. Just does not happen. And when I do get a trifle I can muddle on through without any problems.

Since China has entered by my life I am sick alot.

Went to the doctor on Monday and got this Chinese lady doctor. Not happy. First they tell me my blood pressure is a little high. I asked what is was and it was off the charts. Which of course probably sent it higher as I told the little nurse that is not a little high that is close to stroke zone. She said Oh, maybe we will take it again later. Of course that did not happen.

Then the doctor came in and could not get the checker of the ears and nose thing to work. She had to go get adapters and replug in the equipment. This made me feel better as I am sure nothing there is calibrated and works properly.

China is trying to disrupt the Internet in a serious manner and right now it is a crazy cat and mouse game. I can only stay on a few minutes at a time and this is very hard when doing the crossword puzzle. Sound like all the best minds in China got together and made some changes. It will be interesting how this works out long term.

Hopefully more later.

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  1. China of course would be an excellent place to have high blood pressure and a heart attack. I think they could fuck you up good just like they do in Internet.