Friday, May 20, 2011

Life goes on

So many things are confusing. And pissing me off. Why the fuck is some dickwad from CNN traveling the streets of New York looking for the home of the maid in the "Dom and the Maid" story? I call him Dom because I seen his mug on TV so often I feel I know him. Not in that sense. And CNN interviewed a woman from Paris and asked her what the difference is between Paris and the Bronx. If that is not the stupidest thing I have ever heard just call me . . . never mind opening the wine now. We all know there are no real French restaurants in the Bronx.

Took my last Z-pak tablet today so we will see. Need to make appointments for when we go home and will take Punkin Head's advice on finding a doctor that takes this weirdo insurance. Punkin Head is getting ready to return the lease car and until we get home this will be the first time without a vehicle since we were both teenagers. How odd. Of course a rental car when we return will cost more than a lease payment so no party will be had for money saved. Hope we can get a car we can live with and not be pissed off with a ride that sucks. Just another reason I hate this economic meltdown for everyone except Wall Street and the automotive leaches.

Oh and if  I heard things correctly (and that is very dicey here in the communist country) Obama told Israel to fuck off in a very nice way.  Kinda like good luck but I can't help ya, but you need to get your shit together on your own, and the old city is kinda up for grabs, but we love ya. Oh and we told the mean guys not to shoot at you anymore, so its good. Wonder what he is telling Bahrain about the home of the Navy guys. Wonder what Hillary is thinking, I always said she fucked up when she took that job. She was the only person that told him no. Maybe now she can quit and learn how to do her hair or get a brush cut. Whatever.

Now on to me, which is what this blog is all about anyway. I am so pissed off about my hair appointment last Friday I could scream. Of course the extreme sore throat stopped that action, but the thought has been with me all week. What part of blond hair does this bitch not get? I heard about another salon so Big Daddy and I must search the streets for these saviours of white people hair. This is one time that if I can get a better hairdresser I will walk back in the door of Chez Shiity and say look bitch, this is called blond hair and this is called a blow dry. Well she is French and according to Dom ya gotta go to the US to get a blow job.

Ok, new movie for tonight, gotta get dressed and pretend I feel like a human. Maybe dinner out.

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  1. You gotta love how the rapist gets bail and the maid gets chased all over town until she gets her own show own fox and runs for president.