Saturday, May 7, 2011

Sunday snippets on Saturday

I am hopeful the IBS subsides and I can leave the apartment tomorrow so snippets today:

Have not made the final pick for the Kentucky Derby, leaning to Twice The Appeal and Midnight Interlude.

Pictures from BFE turned out great will publish next week.

According to the hotel staff I am still beautiful, however they did let it slip that May 19 is the new "Government" traveling day and, gasp, a Superstar would perform at the plaza. Thank you Miss Molly for the warning not to be in town that day.

Not that I am a bitch or anything, but if one more person at the airport or train station approaches me to let me know that there is a new-fangled thing called a taxi I swear I will attack them like a blonde with dark roots and no hair dye. And trust me, that is one ugly thing to see.

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