Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Yes, I am one of the terrible, nasty, smelly and dangerous smokers. I smoke regularly and somewhat often. That is because it is legal, I am addicted, I enjoy it, and my taxes fund most of the world activities.

I have quit many times and for long periods of time. I am a stress smoker. And I live a life of stressful incidents.

So now there is a WHO no smoking day, to realize that smoking is bad.

Who the fuck is so stupid that they think people who smoke do not know the dangers?

If it is so fucking dangerous that people are dropping like flies, and really only Chinese flies can be beaten to death-but that is another story, then make it illegal. I am not the type to go on desperate and illegal travels to find a smoke. It is either legal and ok to smoke or it is the worst thing since polio and needs to be eradicated. Someone has to pick.

Yea, yea, yea I know all the anti-smoking rhetoric, there is some shit I don't like either. Actually perfumes, candles and room sprays can send me to bed for days with a headache, if they contain certain scents. There are a number of things that are harmful that I could list here including the gassing out of new cars, planes and trailer homes, work environments, pollution in big cities and nuclear reactors. Oh and new news, now the cell phones are killing us. Who Knew. Outdoor burning is also taboo unless you live in an area where it is cost effective.

I will make a deal with you all. I will not smoke if you will not eat crap, not put your babies in disposable diapers, demand that dog shit goes into only paper containers, and get rid of  "soda pop" or that shit that people drink which is full of nothing but sugar and garbage. And give up plastic bottles.

But that will never happen. Because no one wants to put their money where their mouth is. I say we all suffer or none of us suffer.

Also, when I was not smoking I was the first to admit that it was stinky. So were all the people that did not bathe and wash their hair daily, ate food in public, wore their clothes without washing them, thought dry cleaning was too expensive, and in general were just filthy pigs. Who is going to police these people?

Because if I have to smell your filthy asses again I will be complaining. Loudly.

And everyone else better be ready for round 2. Because if it is really about every ones health, well there you go. And if it is about personal peeves, there are thousands of those too.

So, give up the tax money and make it illegal or shut the fuck up.

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