Saturday, May 21, 2011

Vive la France

It was quite shocking but I found a new hairdresser. She is French. And she seems to know hair. And as I always told my boss when he would say "the next one could be worse", sometimes there is no worse. Just as bad, but not worse. I think it will be okay, they use regular products and have shampoo bowls that appear to made this century.

And the best, next door was a kitchen shop and we purchased towels, a zester, a spatter screen, a mini salad greens spinner, and we got a gift of mint leaves.

The only downside is to reach this haven of goodness and light you have to walk 2.something kilometers and go through mini Vietnam. Big Daddy thought he was hilarious when he pointed out they had patio dining. I really did not think 3 people on a broken stool was on par with the French Quarter tables with an umbrella and flowers but BD has been here longer and is losing his touch with reality.

We met this guy last night at the bar and I got the full boatload of how privileged some people are who live here as an ex-pat. He is a director level and yes his wife has a car and driver at her disposal (the driver checks on her frequently when she is out so she does not get lost) she flies home often on the company dime, and get this: she sometimes gives her new girlfriends a ride to the subway on their way home. He said I need to use the subway and my life will improve exponentially. Wife is home now as no one stays in Shanghai during the summer months. Gotta love it. They are from Ohio and my experience tells me they are the only people from Ohio with 2 pots to piss in.

Have to watch our movie tonight as last night we were wanderers and after the bar we bought a clock BD fell in love with and a leopard I fell in love with and ate at a real patio restaurant on Taikang Lu. Will post pictures next week, hope they are not as fuzzy as the last ones.

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