Saturday, August 20, 2011

Alrighty then.

That is the correct spelling for alrighty in case some of you are not from Detroit.

I got the latest, and last Harry Potter and it is in English and pretty good quality. The new DVD store has a Big Screen and shows you the DVD you purchased, just in case it may be in Russian . And they gave us free small bottles of water, which they reminded us constantly was free. And if we come back we get more free small bottles of water. WTF.

Watching the movie now, get back with y'all later.


  1. Is it water they get from the tap in the back room? Is there a back room?

  2. No, they are regular little bottles in a regular little fridge. The back room is where the English titles are kept, kinda like the English section is the porn room. And they did have a few risque titles but you would have to be willing to watch them on the Jumbotron to make sure they were in English. Hmm.