Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Time is running out on the home leave

Just back from the last scheduled dental visit. I have this hunk of metal shit cemented to my teeth wire a spring on the side. The spring rubs my tongue. So I have packs of wax I have to roll up and mush it over the metal and spring. So pretty much I have a glob of wax on the side of my mouth. I can't wait to try to buy this in Shanghai.

Went to the store to buy fat people clothes and the good news is that everyone is my exact size of fatness so I am average fat. The bad news is there were no clothes left as the other average fat women bought them out. WTF.

Got a new hairdo this morning and hair lady approved my new color.

Big Daddy has a meeting in the morning so I don't need to rush and then we can go to the bookstore and the drugstore for odds and ends. Punkin Head got us some great books but the are older and not books I want to leave in China so those must stay home.

I know I should not be doing this right now but I have been following the AF447 crash and reading the transcripts from the final minutes. It is damn scary how those pilots handled that incident and how out of touch they seemed. Some of the pilots on the website I read are astonished that this could happen. You better believe I will be eye-balling my pilots when I get on the plane back to China.


  1. Having endured braces as an adult, I found all kinds of stop-gap measures to keep the wires away from my tender mouth.

    Freedent chewing gum works. Sometimes a little gob of Chapstick works. I can't remember if I tried beeswax or not.

    Welcome to the irony of accepting your fatness. Once, I was too fat for the regular stores and too thin for the fat stores. Now that I'm in the fat stores, every woman in America wears a size 18 pant.

  2. You crack me up, the store had scads of 00 thru 1.5 and this is Chico's a store those sizes typically do not shop. Trying Old Navy and Target if I have time for around the house and gym clothes. I don't need much but I really can't go around Shanghai naked.