Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Fall Clean Up

Every six months the hotel tears out these fountains and puts them back together. This time they seem to have found a bathtub at the bottom and called the local bicycle cart junk man to haul it away. Good riddance.

I tried to post the building washermen hanging by a pulley outside my balcony but China is fucking with the Internet again. Some dust-up in a place that can't be named, hint hint, read the New York Times, and whammo the net slows to a crawl.

Met a guy from Scotland yesterday. He told me is a Hong Kong citizen so he could screw everyone out of taxes. He told his daughter that I was a nasty bitch for smoking in a dark bar while the sun was shining. He drank pints while his 3 year old fidgeted to leave the dark and smoky bar. Then he pissed me off. He told me the U.S. was responsible for every nasty thing that ever happened in the history of nasty shit and that the attacks on September 11 were all our own fault.

As I blew my smoky circles over his pint I looked him in the eye. And I said one word. Lockerbie. Yea, dude how is the dying asshole y'all gave to the cretin from Libya?

Talking about who stood up and took names and who voted to change citizenship for profit, well . . . hmm.

And I did not raise my child in a pub. And really if he is all that wealthy and he cannot afford a nanny, well WTF. His wife was probably home screwing the Chinese pool boy

Yea, yea people you meet in bars can be suspect idiots, this is just the worst one I have met in 15 or 20 years. But where else are ya gonna buy coffee beans that are affordable as we are not all filthy rich ScotsHongKongians.

On to politics, now we have the woman who will not answer questions, the Mormon who did everything wrong or the Texan with a wink. Running against the man in very expensive government purchased buses railing about our carbon footprints. 

Oh yes, I watched a horrible movie last night, Jumping The Broom. What were those people thinking? It was a horrible movie. At 12 cents it was overpriced. And still no Harry Potter latest movie.

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