Friday, August 12, 2011

Keepin' it real

As I have explained before Chinese employers typically include food and board in the employee compensation package. Remember those workers committing suicide throwing themselves out the windows and such? Yea that is the rooms, dormitories with sometimes 9 to 12 people sharing a room. Above is the food portion, company canteens to feed the workers. Sometimes if you are a lucky customer they invite you to eat in the canteen. Or if you are picky about your pig intestines you can have them get you KFC instead.

This is why the suppliers are so eager to take the customers to dinner, only decent food they ever get. Even managers live like this, only going home on weekends if they are lucky. I think that is what makes the one child policy fairly easy, not much opportunity.

Really, really bad thunderstorms this morning early and now very dreary. Of course, Big Daddy is flying home this afternoon and he says Shenzhen is sketchy in the weather department too. Hope it clears up I need new orchids this weekend and balcony plants.


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