Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Yeah, right

Had to start using the blister pack of phony synthroid today. These are the pills that only come in 2 doses and you must cut them to your required dosage. This is not making Mama happy and we all know how that goes. Oh yeah, there are some Chinese people gonna feel the wrath soon. They are not gonna be singing when I am done with them.

Manicure and Pedicure turned out wonderful and it was fun touching base with old friends.

Bought Big Daddy some bath salts that were on deep discount in cute little jars. The one good thing in China is the soaking tub in our apartment and every hotel. The jars are just the right size to take with him and bring back unused bath salts. He asked me if that would be his "Stone Barrington" moment from the Stuart Woods novels. Stuart is always in the tub and BD is following in his footsteps.

BD is making garlic soup for dinner and that is good as the teeth are really starting to ache. I have a special lunch tomorrow so I will be taking the max dose on the Advil a couple of hours before we eat. I can't take them very often as they mess with my IBS and diverticular problems.

Sad news Bubba Smith, Michigan State Alumni and movie star passed today. Sadder news everything on the Detroit media gets worse and worse, Kwame is on his way home to Texas to regroup for his Federal trial. Oh and Aretha Franklin's song writing dude has filed suit against her and she is pissed.


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