Sunday, August 7, 2011

I am pretty sure we are back in Shanghai

Brain seems to think we are in a dream state which I cannot understand as I am sure I have slept for about 20 hours. It was a fairly bumpy ride, only the turbulence and the trolley woke me up. The latter is due to the fact that the trolley hit me every trip it took up and down the aisles. And I am amazed at how bad the food was on this flight. Even the FA's were commenting on it. Worst meal was the chicken smothered in BBQ sauce sitting on sweet potato puree with green beans mixed in.

Big Daddy almost got into his first major China incident of the "Return to Shanghai, part 10". The illegal taxi drivers were in high accost mode when we landed and followed him and another white lady into the elevator. I had wisely taken the escalator and missed the showdown. The taxi driver took command of the elevator and and demanded they all get off and ride into town in his illegal taxi. Then the white lady, who had obviously had enough, told him to get out of elevator or she would kick him in the fucking balls. He must have had a fairly good understanding of English (probably one of my former ESL students) as he ran off and hid.

When we got back to the apartment I had a great plan, I would guard the bags at the entrance and smoke and BD would take the first bags up and return for trip 2. For the first fucking time in history the doorman decided to help us. The doorman could not figure out how the wheels and straps and handles worked on the bags. When we got to the elevator BD got on first with his load, the doorman shoved his load in and punched some buttons and then everyone screamed at me to jump on board with my 2 bags. I jumped on, the doorman scurried away and the doors would not close. I could not move as I was squished into the tumbling bags, the alarms are ringing, BD is trying to pull the largest case inside the door tracks and finally we are underway. That is when we noticed that 10 random floors below our apartment are lit up and yes, we stopped at all 10 floors. At two in the morning this was not fun.

So far the only bright spot is the rosemary plant we left in a bowl in the kitchen survived and is happy back out on the balcony surrounded by his dead cousins.

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