Sunday, August 28, 2011

Joe Biden hilarity

First the Chinese dissed poor Joe because he ate at a regular restaurant instead of the Golden Palaces used by the Chinese Government people. And then Joe left a tip. Goodness Gracious, someone did not tell Joe that we do not give incentives here in the land of Mao. People may come to expect payment based on performance.

Then good old Joe announced how he thought the "one child" policy was well thought out. How choice equates to the aborting girls policy boggles the mind. But that is just Joe. I am sure Joe would be just as happy with Jack instead of Jill, not that there is anything wrong with that.

But according to the China Daily, also the source for the above information, the real faux pas that Joe committed was his disdain for the awful stew, known as Chaogan. It is offal stew, and Joe instead chose the noodle dish.

Onto our boring little lives, Big Daddy got a drenching Saturday. I was getting my roots blond and BD was buying a bread knife. The heavens let loose with such a downpour the street was under 6 inches of water in a heartbeat. BD was in the street at the time. He dried out at the coffee shop near the salon, the one without water, so he had juice-they could not make coffee.

This gave me a moment of introspection, I, dumbass as I am, for some reason thought that the people selling coffee used bottled water. The water in China is not potable. Boiling water may get rid of most of the nasties if it is done properly. I am not sure making coffee gets rid of all the nasties. But I know it does not get rid of the metals and other things we are not supposed to drink. Like certain chemicals. I remember 20 years ago when I was selling real estate their was a huge concern in Michigan for people drinking from spring-point wells for agricultural chemicals that became "potentially" more deadly when boiled. You had to have wells tested by the health department before you could sell the property.

I think I am off Starbucks for now.


  1. But do they use water to make juice - or is it really juice?

  2. Depends, gotta look at the bottle and see where it came from, just like the milk.