Friday, August 5, 2011

Last minute details

Every Pharmacist in town has told me the only place to get dental wax is from the dentist, his office is closed on Friday of course. So I am hopeful what he gave me lasts until I can find a dentist in China with the wax. And I have never seen a Chinese person with braces so I am not sure that the wax is widely available.

We have what we need but not what I wanted. However I do have enough Dramamine to choke a herd of water Buffalo if needed. And red nail polish as that is a bitch to find.

Packing will commence tonight and the usual arguing will ensue. Big Daddy is already in travel babble mode and Punkin Head is looking at me like we are crazy people.

BD is cooking farewell steaks for our dinner with Caprese salad, should be able to chew the tomato this time.

More later.



    You're welcome. Also, I live about five miles from the Revlon factory store. If that's your brand let me know. We ship.