Friday, August 19, 2011

Just a bit dodgy this week

I am in a funk. No reason, nothing happened, just in a funk.

Went for a walk with Big Daddy thinking anything is better than the apartment funk.


Bunch of asshole young men decided to block the sidewalk. I politely told them to move their asses. Then I asked BD if they were following us to beat on our asses.

Bought suspect fruit from the Chinese side of the street. We will see tomorrow. Place smelled bad but right now everything in Shanghai smells bad.

Whacko bitch asked for employment opportunities in our household and then asked for our food. As she was as well dressed and clean as we were I think it was a scam.

Cretins went out the door to the apartment building as we were going into the building and let the door slam in our faces. Although they looked Chinese, I am going to give the Chinese a break and assume they were Martians as no one can be that fucking stupid.

Good news of the day: Met a guy on the ride up the elevator and he spoke to us. He was British or Aussie, who knows they don't speak often enough for me to tell the difference, but he was decent.

Still in a funk though. Lighted all the candles and turned on all the phony candles and after dinner we will have movie night. Still do not have the latest Harry Potter or The Help so that is pissing me off.

Off to funkville for me.


  1. I can tell you are not having a good time but I am back now and reading you daily so that should cheer you up immensely.

  2. We watched part of a movie starring Jennifer Aniston, worst movie this week. Funk continues.