Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Big Daddy is having fun

Big Daddy is traveling in the bowels of hell outside of Shenzhen this week.

First hotel was a Chinese 5 star, no CNN, HBO or any English speaking stations.

Second hotel had a "Weeding Garden", that is how they pronounce wedding. I asked if he took a fuzzy picture for me and he forgot. Told him to get one when the driver picked him up. Then he tells me he told the staff that wedding was misspelled and they were very, very upset. So he gets downstairs for his ride and the Weeding sign is gone. He gets into the brand spanking new Mercedes with the sticker still on the window and the battery is dead. His driver had a solution. Keep turning the key until you wear the starter out. Guess they don't have roadside assistance in China.

His suppliers cannot afford light bulbs or heat or air-conditioning or WIFI but the all have very expensive cars.


  1. I sent you a picture of the fancy lunch spot at my supplier.........I passed on eating there had phony KFC instead. One of my tooling "experts" from Canada, his first trip there asked me if it was safe to drink bottled water in China. Other people in his company in Canada told him not to trust anything and DO NOT DRINK ANY WATER IN CHINA. He was afraid to drink even the bottled stuff and he said he was sick of drinking beer for breakfast, lunch and dinner, he was even afraid of the coffee. I told him it was all phony (Beer/Coffee/water) and so far I had not gotten sick from the phony bottled stuff.


  2. OK I have caught up now. Glad to see everything is back to normal in your fucked up China country. I am still not quite sure what you had done to your teeth but I hope they are are better.

  3. I am getting an tooth implant where I had a baby tooth for many years. Started with replacing a broken cap that was not done properly and is now an on-going long term relationship with my dental staff. I am thinking about that beer for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Could make my life more pleasant except I would have to pee more, probably in the squatters.