Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Yummy for the Tummy

This is part of my breakfast.

I have a fall-back routine for places where I am not happy. This is close to becoming one of those places.

Breakfast Routine

The first day I pick out my food. The second day Big Daddy picks out my food. The rest of the time I order room service.

 This morning is day one, I meandered around the dining room and picked out a muffin, some grapefruit juice, some watermelon and some cheese and meat. I only pick out very small portions in case it is awful. Chinese food looks much better than it tastes. This was not bad. Then I ventured on to the cooked food. First item is always fried rice as it is usually edible. Nothing else struck my fancy so Big Daddy got the cooks to make me an omelet. That is the large yellow thing on my plate. As I was awaiting for the omelet the Chef decided we needed to have a chat. He was very chatty. He was very proud of my choice of the fried rice. Then he decided to tell me everything I never wanted to know about some noodle station. Somehow he started putting food on my plate, the steamed dumpling with BBQ'd pork filling and chicken feet. The brown things are the chicken feet.

Now don't be alarmed, as the Chef explained to me the Phillipino people don't know shit as they think the chicken feet are dirty. But he washes them and cooks them many, many times. Boil, fry, boil, fry.

As I took my seat at the table BD looked at my plate and questioned my unique selections. I knew someone had to eat this shit and it was not going to be me, so I made him try the chicken feet as this was not his first time at the chicken rodeo. The steamed dumpling was not horrible if you had no other food available. It was light and airy and tasteless with a sweet pork filling. And yes, the Chef came over to see how we liked the food. Thank goodness I had left before that visit.

Crowne Plaza is not up to snuff yet. They must have rushed to finish this to take advantage of the Summer Universiade, it is located just down the street. No extra lock on the door-but the hole is there, no turn-down service and I had to call housekeeping to get the room cleaned. The exercise room is good but you cannot see the television from the equipment. The pool looks great but the construction noise in that area is horrendous.

I will tell you tomorrow about dinner, I will need 2 visits to describe that one.


  1. Jesus H Christ! WTF are the Cornflakes and the toast and marmalade and Cappucino? I am so not going to eat fucking chicken feet for breakfast.

  2. There are phony cornflakes, but unless you carry your shelf stable milk from France in your man-purse you are sol. The bread is so horrible even Big Daddy will not eat it. Cappucino is few and far between. That is why I only travel when trips are 2-3 days in duration. Even 2 days sometimes is not an inducement for me to go out and about in the small towns, towns with a million+ people.