Thursday, August 25, 2011

Yummy, part 2

We have been eating dinner in the Italian restaurant in the hotel. The staff is hilarious, they call us by our first names as if we are the best of buds. First thing she said to me the second evening, so Nola, do you want the same wine tonight. Then she proceeds to hide the bottle as far from me as possible so I will not be tempted to pour it myself. I did get points with Big Daddy for requesting Big Ice with his Tonee water, they brought the glass with usual 3 small cubes and an ice bucket. They all stood there in shock as BD added the ice to the glass.

We ordered the exotic sounding appetizer of what I imagined to be a tiny Monte Cristo concoction on the savoury side. Big Daddy agreed it sounded nice and unusual. It was fried mozzarella sticks. Actually the food was good 2 nights in a row, much less money last night and still nice. I had pasta with lobster and it was about 9 dollars. I was surprised at how well it was done.

I asked the Chef, yes the famous Chef, for a staff picture and he immediately agreed. The wait staff did not want to join in but the Chef said yes, all the people that prepared and served the food. Very democratic of him. And yes that is my wine glass on the counter, and yes they made sure and made a note of the fact I took it to my room.

This afternoon I am having Ayi problems, they showed up with the Chinese Jabba Jabba again and we have had lots of Jabba Jabba and pointing. Finally a Manager showed up and asked me what the problem was. I have no problems, I just can't answer the Jabba Jabba questions. I did get them to remove the dirty coffee cups and glasses. And I got fresh towels. And we decided that I can make a bed if they can't. WTF, if this is the Crowne Plaza standard some shit must have gone down in the states that I missed. Do we get extra points for cleaning our own rooms now?

Update, they brought new coffee mugs and 2 wine glasses, one normal and one from the Italian restaurant, exactly like they took away. There is a spot in the bar console for wine glasses, none of them fit the cutouts. This is why I am drinking the hotel dry.

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  1. The Chef does not look very pleased to have his photo taken. Only someone who was dropped on his head at birth would make a bar console with cutouts. The moment this happens the glasses will be replaces with glasses of different sizes.