Saturday, December 24, 2011

The cleanest kitchen towels in China

The newest of the 3 washer/dryer units

Big Daddy is not as bad as I sometimes portray him. He does understand that I can take him out in a heartbeat and he likes it here at "The home momma made". So he made getting the appliance issue finished his weekend goal.

This is our third and perhaps final washer/dryer unit of the year. At least of the weekend.

Our kitchen towels have been washed 5 times, you know, testing the fucking washing machine.

The interim unit that was with us overnight did not dry. We paid 9 dollars for the manual to find this information.

The Chinese did not see a problem with this as they believe that sunlight is necessary to sterilize the filthy rags they tend to wear. They hang their clothes in their apartments where the sunlight can sterilize them. They move them frequently to follow the sun.

As there is seldom sun here, I find this entire routine baffling. Why do you put your freshly washed clothes out in the smoggy pollution?  Whatever, it is their damn country and raggedy ass clothes.

This new unit washed and dried our kitchen towels and they were actually warm when we fetched them from the unit. This was under 2 hours. We are now trying pants.

What a Christmas Eve.


  1. Interesting ... You have a single metal-elec-trickle-tricky box that washes and dries fabricical items, I didn't know such a robot-ish thingie eXisted. I am even more glad that BD gets to live, 'cause I like him too along with you (bonus: free tiny poem)

  2. I have completely figured out the Chinese approach to air quality improvement. I had already figured out that they used human lungs to filter the air, and now I see that they use wet clothes to try to remove the rest of it. I wonder what they will use/abuse next.

  3. Holy Toledo. They actually dry things in the 'air' and wear them again? Fuck me swinging sideways - it gets worse with every blog. And Merry Christmas.

  4. I just remembered that I forgot to wish you a Merry Christmas, but I think You are way ahead of me time wise, probably even plain wise as well.

  5. It is what it is, and Merry Christmas to all.