Monday, December 12, 2011

This is gonna get ugly

I am hopeful I have not lost my sense of humor. I seem to be a bit cranky. Big Daddy is pissing me off, he is taking the stupid pills again. Yes, we have them in America too, men don't take them regularly, just when they need to feel stupid. Yesterday as I was getting a gallon of oil on my toenails and then having them wrapped in plastic film he asked if I wanted to stroll down to the bakery. Then he told me we had new movies, which we don't have. Then he washed kitchen towels this morning instead of last night. Kitchen towels take 4 to 5 hours in the machine. He is on thin ice here.

I am giving him a chance to redeem himself.

The Shemps did not appear for the kitchen counter top repair. I waited for the ayi invasion before I got pissed. Actually the ayis pissed me off. First they dropped everything in the hall. It sounded like all hell broke loose. Then they started shouting at each other. Then they started talking on the phones. Well, when the one ayi got a call in the kitchen and I could hear the caller, I did have to say something. I was nice, I did not swear and scream, I just told her no phone. That will be on BD's list of things to do, ask the manager if he pays the ayis to clean or talk on the phone. I mean really, they get out of hand and you have to say something. They have brought their children when they clean. They have brought husbands and boyfriends, and brothers. Not any more.

Maybe I should have titled this the bitch is back.

So anyway, I called BD and asked him to inquire about the counter top with the management. He talked to Sean. Sean and Brian are the managers and I can't remember which is the big boss. Sean then called me. It seems the counter top cannot be repaired for a few days. They don't know when. They don't have the right shit to fix the counter top. He suggested that I just sit in the apartment and wait for them to show up. I suggested he fuck himself. He suggested that waiting was a great idea. I suggested we get the leasing company involved and then I told him he had given me a Chinese headache. As we were quite far apart in our negotiations I ended the call.

So now BD is in charge of saving the day, my sanity, and Sean's hide. And maybe that ayi's cell phone as I may flush it down the toilet the next time I have to hear that bullshit.


  1. If I was there I could bring you some soup, it turned out nicely. My Israeli friend Mia prompted me to get real fresh garlic and onions instead of powder, and slightly better oregano. I am not sure how to fix a countertop, other than maybe put another temporary stiff impervious surface on top of the cracked stuff, in order to have a functional counter top. Sorry you are having bummer day. My current best friend lives several miles away so I don't get to cook for her very often, but my best friend before her only lived two houses away, so we were constantly cooking and baking junk, I even had a bread machine back then, more than ten years ago. I remember trading a bag of gumbo for a used computer motherboard one time.

  2. Fresh garlic and onion is the best, fresh herbs better yet if you can find them. I hesitated on your Blog to mention the you should shitcan the ground pepper in a can and switch to fresh cracked pepper, easily available now, saves money too as you use less. More bang for the buck. A mortar and pestle is also a best friend for grinding the dried herbs and bringing out the flavors, tho only add them mostly at the end of cooking.

  3. My solution is the Potato and Leek soup which I made today. Also a glass of white white and listening to Amy McDonald sing. OK more than one glass of white wine,

  4. Wish you could pack up a lunch and send to me Badger.

  5. Esby, when you bring the soup make sure it is frozen, that is a TSA reg.