Sunday, December 18, 2011

Random Snippets once again

Working really hard to stay healthy for the big dinner. Sometimes it is harder to stabilize so I am really watching what I eat and when.

Just finished John Sanford's Shock Wave with Virgil Flowers. Love those books. This one was great.

As soon as the floors dry I need to pick out clothes and pack for the trip. Then a nice long bath. I don't know why I need to be so clean when I travel here, it is always filthy and disgusting.

Big Daddy seems to think a couple things could happen at the dinner. Maybe a banquet or maybe other customers from our supplier. Neither of us believe the gubmint is paying, they never do, so it will be interesting.

The demise of the N Korean leader is all over CNN, this will be interesting to see how it plays out.

Oh yea, I heard Sophie won on Survivor. Come on there is not much to watch and do here, it is just mind candy for passing the time. Anyway, what is it with these people? You could tell who was a loser and who was dangerous and they all just ignored the signs. Can't see the forest for the trees or just plain stupid ass people?

I found 2 new Blogs that look interesting, one is total snark (wish I could be her she is hilarious) and one that seems to follow architecture and furnishings, I will let you know if they are great.

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  1. Send me the funny one, The Miss Snark!

    I am just having fun with the snow and ice and cookng at the moment. And son number two made it home, but son number one didn't follow his mom's advice to come home, and now he's trapped in Colorado waiting for the roads to open.