Saturday, December 10, 2011

Out and About

I finally left the apartment on Saturday to get my hair done. No problems and the hair looks good. Stress makes it worse and worrying if you are going to have an episode is stressful. I almost froze to death though. It was mid-forties and felt like 30 degrees. That would be F not C.

We ended up coming back home to get my full length fur before the afternoon. I have never worn that fur when the temps were above freezing. Everyone seems to think the humidity makes it feel colder. And here when there is cold there is wind.

We just wandered around and I found a new throw blanket for 3 dollars. When we got home I made Big Daddy throw it in the washer as we found it in rather dodgy conditions. Came out fine.

Shemp came last night for the no heat problem. I am sure this will become a huge issue as the first thing they did was to offer us another apartment. Then Shemp called his buddy. 2 Shemps do not make a quorum. This morning Shemp came back and is sitting out on this tiny ledge tearing apart the heating unit. I can't get a picture, I will improvise later.

BD did get Shemp to fix the chain on the front door. When we were leaving the apartment about 6 months ago he opened the door with the chain connected and it broke. As he used no extra force I was not worried about the safety factor, so I never rushed to get it repaired.

This afternoon I have a pedicure and I need to get ready, and I have no heat here. Hmm, could be interesting.


  1. I am glad you are feeling better, and out and about. I just noticed two of me in your Members list, how strange. Blogger has been doing such bizarre things with the Members/Followers feature lately. We got a little bit of snow in the last day. I have not ventured outside in the last 24 hours. My wife has a trip planned for me sometime next week for supplies, so that will be fun. Our trip yesterday was cancelled by freezing fog. I wasn't concerned about driving my 4x4 vehicle, just all the other crazies, with black ice and no visibility.

  2. Black ice, no fun. Fog bad. Stay safe.

  3. A throw blanket for 3 dollars sounds like a really good deal. It is 6° here an positively tropical.