Monday, December 26, 2011

We found a butcher

He has only been in our area for 2 weeks though he does have a shop in Pudong. The name is Yasmine's and Jason Mellink is the Master Butcher. Cell 150 0086 8415, address No. 93, North Xiangyang Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai.

Big Daddy got the best 2 rib standing roast, it was tasty and wonderful and cooked just great in the crappy counter top oven. Around 325 RMB and 4 pounds. There are leftovers galore. Yes, there will be soup at the end of the roast journey. They also have plump with real breasts chickens and assorted meats and sausages. They also have good wine at a decent price.

I told BD he should have taken a picture of the meat before we devoured it. Red meat is not something you eat or even see here on a regular basis.

Talked to Punkin Head today, made me cry, we miss him so much. He is having fun in Vermont and saw a movie, Hugo. He highly recommends it.

I need to get off my ass and get dressed and go out in the bowels of hell. Big Daddy witnessed a fight between a cat and a frog at the wet market recently. The proprietor of the fish stand rescued the frog, not sure if it was one of her sale items, and then offered BD prawns. He said it was the saddest thing he has seen in a while. His camera did not power up quick enough on the fabled real iPhone to capture the moment. No, he did not buy any prawns.


  1. Meat good. Good meat even better. Practically all my chicken is frozen. I finally had turkey and dressing -huge- meal about a day later than the rest of the Universe, but I didn't mind. Cooper and I ate alone. The children were tired of turkey and dressing that they had obtained elsewhere, in-laws and such. It was my first oyster dressing of the season as well, didn't get any at Thanksgiving, so overall a most glorious day. I wish BD could have got that video, sounded quite unusual, even for China. I will see if Google Earth will send me to your meat market.....

  2. I just wish you constantly had pictures to take of all these amazing things. I'm excited you got to eat some cows, how I take such things for granted.