Saturday, December 31, 2011

It is time for a political comment

I do not belong to a political party or group. I pretty much support people I believe are going to try and do something I agree with. And not mess up things that do not matter. If I contact you and you do not respond your name is xed out no matter who you are. After all, if Richard Nixon responded to a childish message, sent when I was a foolish teen, well that established the bar for me.

I have written to famous writers, columnists, and public servants. Also politicians. I have received responses from a few, never expected--unless it is a public servant. If I am asking you a question I expect an answer. I do not care if it is a form letter, I can make decisions based on a form letter (mostly if you evade answering the question) but no response tells me you don't give a shit. Period.

I once wrote to my 2 senators, and only 1 responded. With a form letter, but a form letter that let me know he was aware of the situation and afraid to open his mouth. And he put me on his mailing list and I receive occasional updates and what he is doing. Fair is fair. I don't like the guy but he will be there forever, might as well know what he is up to.

A few years ago I sent a letter to President Obama, way before he was elected. No response, nothing, not a thing. Nuttin. Then a while later I started getting emails asking me for money for the campaign. Why would I give money to people who do not even have a form letter handy. This morning I had over 10 emails from Obama, Michelle, Joe Biden and other assorted minions asking me for money. And my phone number. They are desperate for this money before midnight, it must be 2011 money. Huh? And where do they think they are going to take me to lunch?

And they have given my email address to some groups I really do not like, don't know if they sold it or just shared it. I wear fur, support the Canadian Indian tribes also those folks in Finland. I also wear leather shoes. I don't judge if you wear plastic oil-from the ground- shoes. I don't make fun of people who buy factory produced chicken if that is all they can afford. I do not like people who buy potato chips and soda pop for their children on a daily basis, but there is nothing I can do about that right now.

You know I have never received a call when these politicians are in China. I am registered at the embassy.

All joking aside, I never designated this stuff as spam when it was just the occasional plea and I never open email if I don't know the person. I just chuckled at their persistence, I never sent them money or responded in any way. But over 10 in one morning? I may have to take care of this.

Funny of the day-to me: Recently watched a documentary on Queen Elizabeth II and the workings of the royal family. Every piece of mail the Queen receives is answered by a hand written note. Wouldn't it be a hoot to get a response from the Queen. Don't know how long it takes though, should I use U.S. address or China address? Or try to do one of each. Decisions, decisions.


  1. That is amazing that British aristocrisy is more responsive than publically elected US officials at a written reply.

    WordVeri: inpusha

  2. I am totally writing to the Queen right now. (And I ask Obama for money, not the other way 'round, although it has not worked so far.)

    Happy New Year!


  3. Disclaimer, it is the Ladies-In-Waiting who hand write the letters, but still it is from the Palace.