Thursday, December 29, 2011

Tales of the job search

If this were not so important to my future I would be rolling on the floor laughing.

I was really afraid Big Daddy would be offered this job as they "the company" did not balk at giving him the stars and the moon. And he got a huge splat of grease on his nose cooking breakfast this week. Right on the tip of the nose. Rudolf size. And of course this job is in China. Since it all seemed preposterous I just figured fate would hit me in the ass.

Nope this was another one of those famous jobs, we need a Senior Manager in Butchering, Baking and Candlestick making. And we prefer a doctorate in all 3, with 57 years of experience. And for all that we are kinda willing to pay you on the cheap as you would be hands on and save us hiring 12 more people.

It is was for a division of a company he has interviewed with 3 times this year. This time through a head hunter that is obviously not in the loop with corporate. Well all it cost was taxi fare and time, but really.

I will say someone in the group did admit maybe they asking for the impossible. How many times have I heard this. If you want a lap dog don't interview a Great Dane. If you want a steady girlfriend don't interview high end hookers. This reminds me of a co-worker who met a vegan on line, met him for dinner and ordered a burger. WTF, figure it out before you waste everyone's time.


  1. I am in the middle of job searching at the moment. The main thing I have learned is the middle of middle is Iddl. (See, it looks cooler, symmetrical, if you raise the i to uppercase I then it matches the lowercase L, but still spells something that sounds like 'idle'.)

  2. Esby, how can you be in the iddle if you do not know the outcome? Iddle, diddle and do. You can't diddle if you are idle, no matter how you spell it, middle of diddle is not do. And we need to do. Not diddle.

  3. Hm, this sounds like "we'll know it when we see it". Good luck to BD! How do things look for jobs, stateside?

  4. Becs, no one wants to commit until the next quarter for anything. Sounds like things are not so rosy over there. Asia wants all the expats out as they feel they have learned everything there is to know from us. From what I am picking up flying into/out of Asia may get dicey in the near future as air traffic control is going domestic. Picture Rachel from friends in the tower.