Monday, December 5, 2011

Home Maintenance

Big Daddy left for Ning Hai and I can't blame him.

I need to call Shemp and frankly I am not up to it. The tub is not draining properly and the knob to turn on the sprayer is not working properly. I have to use my Leatherman to use it. Same knob problem in the shower and I am not using the Leatherman in the shower. And something is not right with the washer/dryer machine. It does not want to do the fake drying cycle.

I would say I am 50% better. Doctor said it was very serious so I must be at medium now. I forgot the instructions on one medicine and I need to look it up on the Internet as everything except the name is in Chinese. This is always a bad idea for me, I get diseases from just hearing about them, you know the hypochondria thing. Could call the doctor but that ordeal is as frustrating as getting Piers off the air, just never works.

That reminds me, someone left a comment on the last Blog about recycling and Green credits. When I was working I was called to a meeting at Plant Loco to give them all the information on how we recycled our product and where did we send it. I told them a corn field. It was a non-recycle item. Those idiots had stored 3 years of this crap and claimed credits on their recycling efforts. Just another example of my tax dollars down the shitter.

I apologize for the content here, just not up to breezy chit chat.

Oh yea, I am reading James Patterson and unknown writer's The Christmas Wedding. Almost at the end and it is starting to feel like a Nicholas Sparks book. WTF. Has anyone heard of James Lee Burke? I need a new author.


  1. I have read practically all of Kurt Vonnegut, and now I am trying to read Iain M. Banks. I have finished his 'Matter', 'Player of Games' and 'Consider Phlebus'.

    Glad you have made it to 50 percent-ish-ness.

    Hahahaha - today's wordveri was 'pointie' - how cool is that? Do you get homesick for GrPo?

  2. I am homesick for my home, for normal food, for getting out and doing what I want, for going to work, for talking to people who speak English, for birds, for grass, for any television channel that is not CNN, for appliances that work, for Shemps that have more than electical tape in their toolbox and for all that is good in the world, a dog to put his head on your leg and tell you it will be okay tomorrow. In other words, I think I am more than fedded up by China.

  3. I read Regency romances when my brain is fried. Lately when looking for current fiction, it's all so ironically self-conscious hipsterish, I can't stand it.

    I'm going back to the classics. Moby-Dick. The Great Gatsby. Yeahhhh...