Monday, December 5, 2011

More gifts for me

Our free Christmas tree, we sprang for the twinkle lights at 3 bucks a pop.

If you order from Mealbay, a restaurant delivery service, on Christmas tree Saturday you get a free tree with ornaments. A full meter of holiday cheer.

I also got food poisoning, at least that is what the doctor thinks at this point. Yes, I ended up back at the doctor's office for another go-round with the IV treatment and a shot in the hiney. The good news is that bright red blood is better than dark ucky blood. I now have enough medication to start my own store. And a thermometer. They are hard to find here.

I also have a new doctor. My old one must have escaped because the new one did not know who he was. She has only been here 2 weeks so she must be his replacement. She also recommended Gatorade for severe dehydration and a gluten free diet for the IBS. I asked her very politely in non Nola Rice language if she had lost her fucking mind. Where in the hell does she think I can find that stuff in China. She laughed and agreed. She did tell me to lay off the ginger ale. But when you are that sick, there is nothing like ginger ale, just wished it could have been Vernor's.

So momma is having a very quiet week.


  1. I thought you had been kinda quiet, was wondering/semi-worried about you, and now I realize I should have been semi-wondering/fully-worried about you! Ouch. Yes, red is the prefeRED color for blood. Again, ouch, hope you are feeling better now and better better (2x) very soon.

  2. I like pomegranate-cherry flavoring in my ginger ale. The groc store was eliminating the product and I got about a 5 year supply at a 10% price. Hope you can find your much needed Gatorade.

  3. So far, no one carries it here as I suspected, so instead I really nasty powder stuff to mix with warm water that is the nasty equivalent.

  4. I see the potential for big bucks in China for you. Just open a buncha drink shops selling Gatorade, and I have a name for you complete with a backwards R, 
    "Gut Я Aid".

  5. For 3 bucks do you get the non-exploding christmas lights?

  6. Gut R Aid is a good name as one of the big recycle businesses they have in China is the collection of what they call gutter oil (the oil that drains out of the cookers into the gutters behind resturants and then it is resold as phony cooking oil. This is how China gets it's Green country reputation that Pierce likes to talk about on CNN.


  7. Badger, don't know yet, too sick to turn them on. Last night I screwed in the bulb for the table lamp the ayi's had taken out and blew the circuit breakers. This turned off half the juice in the apartment including the water heater. The water heater has to be manually turned back on as BD found out when he went to take a bath.

    Gutter Grease, that could be my problem.

  8. I know where you can get Vernor's Ginger Ale in Shanghai - Let me sort the address out in Chinese for you to give to a Taxi Driver.