Monday, December 26, 2011

Sunshine fresh

Drying clothes.

My favorites are when they hang the shirts with the arms out like a scarecrow. Second favorite is the pajama type pants with one leg hanging down, kinda like they are really tired.

But the all time best of the best is the bra sized 32 AAA with a pair of bloomers an entire busload of Chinese could fit into.

Thank goodness I live in a better area, in the poorer neighborhoods they also hang their chicken out with the wash. Yes, that picture is from front yard.

At the bottom right is a caged area, one of the options, these are used as refrigerators and storage.

In our buildings I think 1% of the balconies are used for seating and plants.  I wipe down the balcony and the tables and chairs almost daily and they are filthy every time.

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