Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The cookie stand off

This is really about the fight for Beta status or the feeding and peeing of Sammy. As you may recall I adopted  Sammy as a single parent and Sammy was pretty content to be an only dog of a single mom. We learned each others peculiarities and settled into a calm if boring life. Then Big Daddy starting showing up randomly   and acting like he lived here. Sammy kept a close eye on this and learned the BD routine. Then he started taking advantage of the situation.

At first I had to explain things, that means he wants out, that means he wants a pet, that means you are pissing him off sitting on his couch. Just the normal everyday things. Then BD decided to act like he was in charge of the house and had a say in Sammy's world. He knew better than to try that shit with me.

So a rare occurrence, 4th of July and Big Daddy is home. He only had phone calls and emails this morning. He asked me why Sammy was sitting in the kitchen purring like a cat. I told him he wanted breakfast. BD went to the store for his holiday food shopping and such and before he went I asked him to let Sammy out. He said Sammy did not need to go out, he had already been out. Well 5 minutes after BD left, who had to go out? Not me, I go inside.

BD came home and I noticed there was some tension between him and Sammy. I inquired as to what little problem the two of them could possibly have at this point. Well, it seems Sammy wanted a cookie. This was verboten as Sammy had not eaten his breakfast. WTF. This is a dog. Give him the damn cookie.

BD just mentioned that he thought Sammy was looking for trouble. I reminded him of permanent residency status. Sammy smiled his little sneer grin.